Storytelling Tip #1

As some of you already know, I teach an online fairy tales and storytelling class (that’s the icon on the right hand side). Because storytelling is so awesome…I wanted to give everyone some writing inspiration for today.

Storytelling Tip #1

PRACTICAL TIP: Make a list of 5-10 stories that you really enjoy telling people. Look expand on one or two of those stories by adding more sensory details. Write it out…video yourself telling the story…share it with other people! 

Author: Josh Withrow

I want to help people creatively tell their stories by giving them the tools to engage other people with captivating ideas. My 14 years of classroom teaching and my master's degree in English Literature give me the experience to make my classes both creative and informative. People don't need a degree to enjoy learning -- but sometimes a little guidance goes a long way.

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